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SavinMedia is a locally focused digital marketing agency.  We believe Digital Storytelling in an instrumental process that we leverage in all the following digital marketing mediums:

  • Website Design
  • Brand Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Content Marketing
  • Display and Facebook Advertising
  • Video and Photography
  • 360 Virtual Reality Content

A Digital Story:
What Are Consumers Doing To Find You?


Imagine this:  You are traveling and arrive late evening at your destination, and you are looking for an open nearby dinner.  First inclination is you take out your phone, Google Maps or Google Search the closet and open restaurants nearby.  Perhaps it’s sushi or pizza, but you just don’t want any dive. You want a to be able to see what they have to offer, access menu off their website, ensure they have decent customer reviews, and that the environment is suitable for kids and your family.

Now imagine this scenario whether it’s looking for an attorney, medical provider, or any business for that matter.  Customers will flock to a more established company that has fresh branding, a welcoming and mobile-friendly website, accessible and easy to be found on Facebook, Google Search, Google Maps, and has a reputable and positive review online.

Truly understanding your consumer behavior is key in what you do and how you position your digital marketing strategy.  SavinMedia helps strategize and position your digital presence so customers find your business at the right place at the right time.

A Message from our Founder:
Since 2006, I’ve been very fortunate (and grateful) to have worked for innovative companies like GoDaddy, eBay, and Google.  And everyday since, I’ve immersed myself in the world of Digital marketing, which has grown and matured into what can be perceived as a rather intricate web of digital mediums.  Throughout the process, my ability to guide small businesses, mid-market, and all the way to multi-million dollar enterprise business has always been fueled by creativity and my love for technology.  

-Savin Gatchalian (Founder & Creative Director)

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