Yelp is an instrumental tool when it comes to local businesses.  Yelp provides a free business listing page and will allow you claim and manage it moving forward.  Here’s a few reasons why managing your Yelp page is important for your business!

1. Yelp Is One of the Top Consumed Apps and Website for Business Reviews

According to, an average of 142 million users visit Yelp every month.  By verifying your Yelp Business Page, you’ll be able to upload photos, add a link to your website, ensure your hours, phone number and other important information.

2. Connect with Your Customers

Yelp business accounts will enable you to correspond with customers who have written reviews for your business.  You can use the direct message or post a public comment for all customers to see.

3. Lead Gen Tool

Clients, customers, restaurant patrons.  Basically any customers looking to validate your legitimacy and the quality of your product (whatever that may be).  Leverage Yelp as an online tool (just like Social or your company website) to bring in new customers and clients.

4. Consumer Behaviors

Do you like eating out and trying new restaurants or experiences? Do you like buying things online? Consumer behavior studies indicate customer reviews are one of the first things customers will look at, whether it’s a consumer product, service, or restaurant.  Consumers rely heavily on the customer reviews, utilize the Yelp app and Google Maps technologies, to help make their purchasing or consumer decision.

5. Proactive not Reactive.

Yelp allows you to create special offers and announcements about your local business.  When you create an event, it can appear in the offers and announcements directory for your city.  The network of people who have never heard of your business will see them there.  They’ll even find you in search results.