Aerial drone photography and videography is a fantastic way to give prospective clients and audiences a different perspective on the object of focus, whether its a real estate listing, property and or company.  For business purposes, there are several ways to leverage your new piece of media for marketing!

Ensure Your Photographer Captures Key Highlights of Object of Focus

Prior to a session, advise or write a list of key highlights that you want your photographer to capture.  Perhaps it’s the scenic mountain or ocean views?  Perhaps, it’s the beautiful landscape of property or land.  Or maybe it’s the monumental surrounding of the structure.  Whatever it is, speak up and use it to your advantage.

Storyboard your Flight

For post editing purposes, work with your photographer to help storyboard (or create a potential order) of how you envision your video to display.  Often the creative process is left to the editors and or photographers taking the drone footage.  Need ideas, check out Youtube or HDTV re-runs of House Hunters.

Mix and Match

A great photographer and video editor will leverage a mix of aerial and ground footage and photographs. Creatively mixing both ground and aerial will give a comprehensive and not-so-boring narrative of the object of focus.  Remember, it doesn’t have to purely aerial!  Aerial views are just “a piece to the puzzle.”

MLS Photos & Print Material

Incorporate your stunning aerial photos in your carousel of external house photos.  Best practice is to strategically place aerials in proper order (for example, Front Facing Property in the beginning, or Backyard Facing Properties at the end).

Website & Email Marketing

Aerial photographs often provide a stunning perspective on the object of focus.  Leverage those prints on your website front of page, and email marketing efforts.

Social (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter)

It goes without saying, a post or tweet of your stunning new footage or pics needs to be shared.  Be sure leverage popular aerial hashtags like:
#aerialview #dronephoto #dronevideos

Youtube & Vimeo

Leverage video platforms to display the end video product.  Just like social, don’t forget to tag and hashtag!