Phoenix Local Business Listing &
Reputation Management

Home to red rocks, blue skies and golden sunshine, Phoenix is undoubtedly the cosmopolitan  heart of  Arizona and the soul of the Southwest.  As dry as it may be, the economic conditions are ripe for businesses to flourish in this desert oasis.

As a Phoenix-based business, customer reviews and client testimonials will go a long way to help drive branding and loyalty.  Leveraging business pages from Google My Business, Yelp For Business Owners and Facebook Business will help drive organic traffic to your location(s) and will naturally inspire growth in your business (sales and revenue).  

With Local Business Listing Management by SavinMedia, we help setup and verify business listings with Google, Yelp and Facebook business pages.  We install the best practices for maintaining and keeping accurate and engaging information on your business listings.  Including providing high definition photographs and a virtual tour of your business space.

With Local Reputation Management by SavinMedia, you’ll be able to engage customer feedback head on.  Instead of being reactive to reviews, we help brands funnel positive reviews to their company’s Google, Yelp or Facebook review pages.  For negative reviews, you’ll be able to engage with customers head on to help recover or remedy their customer satisfaction issue. To help quantify your efforts, we provide reputation reporting  and insights inside your campaign data.

Phoenix Local Reputation Management Is Relevant for the following Industries:

  • Phoenix Retail Shops & Phoenix Stores
  • Phoenix Restaurants & Phoenix Cafes
  • Phoenix Resorts, Phoenix Hotels & Phoenix Golf Courses
  • Phoenix Medical Offices & Phoenix Hospitals
  • Phoenix Museums, Phoenix Art Galleries, Phoenix Concert Venues
  • Phoenix Construction & Phoenix Engineering
  • Phoenix Residential Real Estate Agents & Brokers
  • Phoenix Commercial Real Estate Brokers
  • Phoenix News & Phoenix Broadcasting

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